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When you become a fishRockport.com advertiser, one of the most beneficial results you’ll experience is much greater online visibility, more prospective customers visiting your website and a higher volume of phone calls and e-mail inquiries regarding the services and/or products you provide!  fishRockport and sister site fishPortA, both provide excellent results – whether you advertise on one site or both!  Combo Advertising is our most successful package offered!  Together these sites have dominated the search engines for the past 15 years and still going strong but the most important draw with viewers is the posting of current fishing reports (published monthly), from the “Best Guides in Texas”!!

Our viewers are primarily interested in saltwater fishing and everything that relates to include a healthy tourism-based and recreational-related segment of population who either live or visit the Rockport, Port Aransas and Corpus Christi areas of the Texas Coastal Bend.  industry.  Your ad campaign will be aimed at this target audience and these viewers need your services and products.  Your advertising will provide you with the best value for your advertising dollar!  Call us if you’d like to customize your advertising packages – we are happy and eager to help you exceed with us!  Ph: 361-729-3710

Here are some of our most popular advertisers!

*Fishing Guides & Fishing Charters
*Tackle & Bait, Boat Sales & Repair
*Hotels, Motels, Condos and RV Parks
*Cottages & Cabins
*Vacation Home Rentals
*Educational Tours – Birding & Marine Life
*Dolphin Watches & Sunset Cruises
*Waterfowl Hunting Guides (seasonal – fall/winter)
*Area Events & Festival Promotions
*Area Restaurants – Casual and Fine Dining
*Coastal Shopping Experiences (Clothes and Decor)
*Museum & Historical Tours
*Art Galleries & Wine Tasting
*Beaches, Swimming & Watersports
*Golf & Outdoor, Recreational Fun

We also offer customized plans to suit your specific needs!  Rates are cost-effective and your ads work 24/7!
Our Advertising Rates:

Tax is applicable.  Please read our advertising policy and disclaimer at the bottom of the page.*

All rates are shown for advertising placed on one site or both:  fishRockport and/or fishPorta.coms

Check out the “Combo” rates, where your advertising dollars produce the highest return and all ads are created for you at no additional cost.

Spotlight Home Page Ad – Best Visibility Possible:   $500/year
“Combo” Spotlight Home Page Ads – Both Sites:  $700/year


Banner Ads (Small) – 3 Pages – Your Choice:  $400/year
“Combo” Banner Ads  – Both Sites – 6 Pages Total/3 per Site – Your Choice:  $600/year

Banner Ads (Large) – 3 Pages – Your Choice:  $475/year
“Combo” Banner Ads -3 Pages/Site – Your Choice:  $650/year


Block Ads – Commercial Advertisers:  $525/year
(For all businesses with exception to fishing guides and charter boat services. (e.g. Hotels, RV Parks, Vacation Rentals, Restaurants, Bait & Tackle Shops, Boat & Kayak Rentals, Area Events, Boat Sales & Repair, Dry Docks & Marinas etc… See list above.)
“Combo” Block Ads Rate – Both Sites:  $675/year


Block Ads – Fishing Guides & Charter Boat Services Exclusively: $500/year
“Combo” Block Ads Rate – Both Sites:  $650/year
This form of advertising is offered specifically to fishing guides and charter boat captains from north of Rockport to South of Corpus Christi (Baffin Bay), the Texas Coastal Bend area!

Fishing Guide/Charter Boat Block Ad Program Specifics:  When you advertise on the Fishing Reports Page with your Block ad (or Combo ads), several things are required – Read Below.

1. Monthly Fishing Reports Are Required… and submitted 1 x per month; you’ll receive a reminder for the due date via e-mail.  Late reports will not be published, but you may send your report in early.  Remember that you are writing a report for fishing info covers the entire month.  For “Combo” Block Ads – your report should address both bay and deeper-water fishing for Rockport (as far north as Cedar Bayou), Port Aransas/St. Joe Island, Corpus Christi area (as far south as Baffin Bay) and all bays, channels and waterways in between.

2, Your Block Ad will not rotate upwards on the page unless you submit a monthly report by the deadline – via e-mail only. (Once you have contacted us, you will receive the e-mail address for fishing report submissions.) If your report is not received by the deadline, your block ad will remain near the bottom of the page to allow current reports to float to the top.

3. Monthly Home Page Article – One of the greatest benefits!  As a Fishing Guide/Charter Boat Service advertiser you are eligible to run a home page article.  You will receive a lead-in link with a clever title to peek our viewer’s interest and they are taken to a dedicated page that holds your title and article, your logo with link, clickable phone # so viewers can call you right then and there, content of 5 to 6 medium-size paragraphs, and 4 to 6 photos. Please remember to title your article and if you need any help, call us: 361-729-3710.
Important to Note:  Articles must be fishing-oriented and enjoyable.  Controversial topics will not run at our discretion.

4. Home page article space is selected via a random drawing held in early December every year.  Each fishing captain’s name is drawn out of a hat and assigned a month at random.  During the peak tourist and fishing season (March 1 – Sept 1), we may run more than one article for additional home apge exposure for our fishing and charter advertisers.  They are the meat of our sites, however fishing guides and charter boat captains fish year-round – to include seasonal fishing (e.g. red snapper and flounder to some extent.)  These specific keep the playing field level and fair to our fishing guide and charter boat captains.

5.  PLEASE PROOF YOUR ARTICLE.  We are not responsible for typos, incomplete sentences or wrong information.

Call us for more info: 361-729-3710.


  • Site Policy: Parent company, Maclin Solutions reserves the right to refuse any advertising if we believe it to be unethical, unlawful or incompatible with our site’s goals, values and visions.
  • Disclaimer: All purchases are final – no refunds, no exceptions.  Lack of timely payments will result in your ad being removed from one or both websites – fishRockport/fishPortA.coms.  There is a $50 reinstatement fee if an advertisement is removed (due to lack of payment) and the scheduled home page article space will be lost by default and offered to another fishing captain or related advertiser in good standing.