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By Capts. Kevin & Lori Sims

USCG Licensed ~ TPWD Certified Fishing Captains


Spring is here early and the fishing is fantastic. Play Hooky from work! Get out of the house!! Put away that to do list and go fishing with us!!! Life happens outside and the time to fish is now. The air and water temperatures are on the rise and fishing just gets better and better. March can be a windy month so be sure to check the forecast before heading out. We have found the hourly weather graph from NOAA to be the most accurate. It is very reliable out to 48 hours. Forget about those weather apps you have on your phone. They are very unreliable especially on the 10 to 15 day forecast. Don't let a 10 - 15 mph wind scare you away. That is common here for this time of year. If you don’t have one already invest in a drift sock. You can purchase one right here in Rockport at Tackle Town. Check them out at www.rockporttackletown.com.  The drift sock will allow you to control your drift speed as you drift the flats and along the reefs. If your unfamiliar with the wind and wave patterns for our bay systems consult your maps so you can plan your trip accordingly. We use an app called My Radar. It is a free app and if you turn on the wind notification in the app settings it will show the wind direction relevant to the bay system you wish to fish. This will let you have a much more pleasant boat ride and make fishing more productive. Using the radar function can save you if a squall is approaching. One thing to be aware of on the My Radar app is the radar updates every fifteen minutes. So the picture your looking at may be 15 minutes or 5 minutes old. This is important to note as the storm your seeing on your screen may already be upon you. To paraphrase an old saying. "Plan your fishing trip and fish your Plan".



This is the time of year that many of you are heading out for your first day of fishing. Is your gear ready? How about that fishing line? Is it old and frail? If it has been on the reel since the beginning of last fishing season it is most likely time to replace it. Fishing line can take a memory of the shape of the spool when sitting for a long time on the reel and not being used. This creates a lot of frustration when it comes to casting. You will at the least experience short cast and at the worst backlashes that must be cut out. We use Power Pro super slick. You can get this at Tackle Town as well. They can remove that old line and replace with new in no time. Power pro comes in multiple colors so you can pick your favorite or one you can see better to tie those knots. How are your reels? Are they casting and reeling smoothly? A little maintenance can vastly improve your day on the water. There is not much that is more frustrating than watching your buddy catch fish while you are dealing with bad line or a broken reel. Is your rod in good condition? Check the guides to be sure they are free of nicks and burs. It really is as shame when that 25 inch trout gets away because of a cut line. Are there nicks or crushed spots on those graphite rods? Either of these can cause your rod to snap sending that nice Red you were going to have for dinner back to the depths. We use Red Tail Republic 7 foot 6 inch custom Rods. These are in my humble opinion the best Popping cork as well as croaker rods we have ever used. You can find them at www.redtailrepublic.com Our reels are Peen Fierce II's.  We have found these to be solid and reliable. We also use Shimano Stradics. The Stradics are simply amazing they stand up to the abuse of surf fishing like no other. Nino at Red Tail also has some awesome sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses is key to an outstanding day on the water. Good sunglasses will show you the reefs, depth changes and most importantly the fish. Locating the bait fish is key to successful fishing.


Your ready, get out on the water and have some fun. When your out enjoying your day please be mindful of others. A little courtesy will go along ways in earning you some respect on the water. You never know when your are going to need a helping hand. We all have troubles on the water from time to time. Whether it is help finding the fish or getting pulled off a reef or towed in because of a mechanical issue. Your respect and kindness to others will really pay off in times of need. There is plenty of water for us all to fish, so try not to move in on someone else's spot, remember they have worked just as hard as you to find some fish. Watch out for your wake - in Texas you are responsible for your wake damage. When you are approaching other fishermen slow down- slow down well in advance when approaching anchored boats, wade fisherman, drifting boats and kayaks as your wake doesn’t stop when you power down - it travels on. We often see people who think they are doing the right thing by slowing down a little bit; However, this only increases the size of your wake. Come off plane and idle by. Take a moment to observe the other boats in your path. Some are drifting. You may disturb the fish they are drifting to or interrupt their fishing pattern. Please be especially mindful of wade fisherman and kayakers. Try not to take short cuts across flats. Just because you are not going to fish it doesn’t mean someone else isn't going to later on in the day. These simple acts will greatly improve your standing in the fishing community.



Now it is time to fish. Get off the couch. Hide that honey do list. Put away those lawn and garden tools. You will have other days for all that non- essential stuff. A rod and reel will fit your hand much better than a hammer or paint brush. Reeling in a limit of trout for dinner is much better than mowing the lawn or busing a broom. Coming home with a nice mess of trout and redfish for the fryer or grill is much more rewarding than a day of sweat and turmoil. Take the day off and fish. You deserve it. If you need a guide we are at your service. Our boats are ready and waiting to go. Captain Lori has a 22 foot Sea Hunt center console and can fish you and four of your friends. Captain Kevin had a 24 foot Carolina Skiff DLX that can handle 6 people fishing. We specialize in bay and surf fishing. If you need your kayaks transported to a back bay or lake we can do that for you as well. Don't have a kayak but always wanted to try it? Your welcome to use one of ours. How about a day of surf fishing at Cedar Bayou? There isn't much better than getting into the slot redfish on every cast. Sometimes you will tie into oversized reds. These monsters can really put up a fight. You never know what you are going to catch in the surf. Every thing is there from Sand Trout to Sand Sharks. Each cast is an adventure in the waiting. We are looking forward to meeting you and providing an awesome adventure on the water.


Until we do, we wish you many days of Tight Lines and Following Seas,
Capts. Kevin and Lori Sims – USCG Licensed Fishing Guides

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